Youth outreach program, led by former Palmer basketball player, learns 3x3 technique from nation's top U18 players

Eleven-year-old Jaylen Brantley was not shy about showing off his skills at a USA Basketball clinic in front of the top high school basketball talent in the nation. Click here to read more.


Brown has a ball teaching life lessons

Born in Colorado Springs, Terrell Brown’s life hasn’t gone exactly as planned but, in some ways, it’s been better than he expected. While he’s faced some blocked shots, he’s grown from them. Brown’s also brought his passion for volunteering to help better the lives of kids in his old neighborhood in Southeast Colorado Springs.  Click here to read more.


Colorado HS standout Terrell Brown overcomes a nightmare to live his dream and earn degree

I have been a basketball trainer since 2004, but I have been around college basketball my entire life. I am the son of a high major college coach for over 30 years, the brother of a Division I college basketball player, and current college coach. I am the cousin of one ofJohn Calipari’s one-and-dones. Along with all of that I played Division I basketball and  coached small college basketball as well. Click here to read more.


Terrell Brown as one of Mayor's Young Leader Award Winners in 2017

The Mayor's Young Leader Awards highlight the outstanding achievements of young professionals in the Pikes Peak Region. Five individuals will be awarded for the extraordinary efforts in their field while making a positive impact in our community. Click here to read more.

Hillside Community Center creates champions

Sometimes life has a funny way of bringing things around full circle. When he was growing up, Terrell Brown, 26, went to Hillside 
Community Center most days to play basketball. The courts at the center and neighboring Memorial Park were his “safe haven.”
Brown says playing on the courts in his community was a privilege. Parks staff traded him court time for service, like helping the elderly or serving food at the food program. Joan Clemons, now Hillside’s director, recalls with a chuckle, “[Brown] would come to the center and say, ‘Oooh Ms. Joan, can I please, please get on the court?’” And, she’d respond, “OK Terrell, sweep the gym floor and you can get on.” Click here to read more.


Basketball program teaches skills on court, in life

The Palmer Terrors were off to a strong 4-0 start as of Jan. 21. That put the talented sixth-grade squad at the top of its bracket for the 2019 Denver-based Gold Crown Competitive Basketball Program. The silver division pits the Terrors against teams from Littleton, Castle Rock and Parker. And it all put a grin on Terrell Brown’s face. “We really have a talented pool of kids,” he said. “There are some kids you’ll be hearing about” in the future. Click here to read more.

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2019 Rising Star: Terrell Brown

Colorado Springs native Terrell Brown grew up in the Hillside neighborhood and graduated from Palmer High School. He was a pretty good basketball player, and decided to take his shot at Division I. “I went to three colleges in four years,” he recalled. “Started at South Dakota, then transferred to Otero Junior College in La Junta, and finished up at Montana State-Bozeman.” Click here to read more.